About the books

 Love From The Heart

 My main them in these poems is love, unrequited love, romance, and some spiritual and other mixed in. Over 50 poems total.


4 Stars From Caitlin and Bonnie: I enjoyed much about this book. It often presents an interesting use of words and rhythm. It is delightfully simple and honest; there is no meaning lost in complexity that's derivative of Ezra Pound and others who add academic trappings to impress rather than convey ideas. Many of Amrhein's lines are full of emotion; all are devoid of intellectual exercise for its own sake.

One of the nice things about this book ironically is that not all of it resonated with me. It therefore inspired me to analyze and reflect on my own attitudes towards love. Why is my loving always without religious context or a desire to be declared publicly; is mine less spiritual or intense than Amrhein's? If only as a catalyst for increased self-awareness and analysis, the book truly is an enjoyable and recommended read.

Writing and Photography


This work of Poetry covers years of writing from age 25 to 35 and the photography includes beautiful pictures of Arnold Arboretum, sunsets at my home and on the beach and more. The poems are of great variety from "American Beauty" to "Imagination Running Wild" and are the flavor of my unique personality.

debbiebrooks says: This book is so lovely and peaceful reading.. the pictures are wonderful .. I really enjoyed reading this book.. 


I Am the Butterfly

This is my third book of poetry, it is filled with poems about nature, God, and daily struggles, and romance as well. Over 50 poems. It starts off with the first poem titled, "I Am the Butterfly" which is about personal strength, courage, and never giving up!

The Road to Mental Health

This is filled with practical advice of how to handle things we all go through such as anger, anxiety, how to improve your life, different coping skills such as CBT or DBT, how to think positively, and suggestions for family or friends on how to be supportive. Family/friends should look up things and educate themselves in order to be informed and to understand depression and anxiety. 

Life After Lithium

This book talks about going through bipolar illness on the wrong medications, discovering spirituality and coping skills, and the ultimate end of success. It discusses what helped most in my recovery. 


There's lots of hope, and it will encourage you.